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Clinical Studies and Research

The Eye Institute of Utah performs all phases of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device clinical trials. We are unique in that we have surgical capabilities on site. It is a state-of-the-art facility that offers laser, retina-vitreous, glaucoma, cataract treatment and oculoplastic surgery. In both our clinical and ambulatory surgical centers, we treat all aspects of eye disease and anomalies, such as dry eye, ocular infections etc. Clinical studies at The Eye Institute of Utah are conducted to determine the safety and effectiveness of new devices, drugs, or procedures for the treatment of ocular disease.

The development of medical knowledge and technology requires and depends on research sites playing an active role in the investigation and testing of products coming to market.

We currently have four principal investigators on site with research experience varying from 5-35 years. Our principal investigators are trained on GCP’s as well as the FDA Code of Regulations. Since The Eye Institute of Utah was established in 1980 as the first and largest office-based eye surgical center in Utah, we are able to enroll the vast majority of our patients from our own patient population.

Our mission is to provide outstanding support to our community, sponsors and patients with the highest regard for patient safety and privacy. We are dedicated to excellence in the clinical research arena; we will provide the highest quality work with integrity and efficiency.

To learn more about our current clinical studies and find out if you are a candidate, please contact our Study Department at 801-263-5735.

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