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About The Practice

The Eye Institute of Utah is a sprawling, fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility housing some of the most experienced and skilled vision care specialists in the Intermountain West. The following links will take you to detailed pages describing who we are, what we do, and how we can improve your vision. The Eye Institute of Utah invites you on a virtual tour of our practice, so you can see for yourself why we are one of the leaders in eye care!


For nearly 30 years, The Eye Institute of Utah has been providing patients with comprehensive vision care and effective treatment to improve their eyesight. Specializing in an array of eye care areas, our facility is also known for its commitment to scientific research and focus on technological innovations.

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Meet Our Staff

In addition to the top doctors serving our Utah, Idaho and Wyoming-area patients, The Eye Institute boasts a professional and experienced team of clinical, surgical, and office administrative staff to help you with your needs.

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Our Facilities

Our Utah location is a fully functional eye surgery center equipped with operatories, recovery rooms, exam facilities, and clinic. It is a technologically advanced vision care center that is designed to accommodate the needs of patients undergoing virtually any kind of eye care procedure.

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Clinical Studies and Research

The Eye Institute of Utah conducts a number of clinical studies designed to advance the field of vision care and develop new technologies and treatments. We have a variety of ongoing research studies that are geared toward improving the treatment of ocular disease.

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