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ORA System (Optiwave Refractive Analysis)

Just when you thought technology couldn’t get any better, The Eye Institute of Utah is now pleased to offer a new cataract surgery measurement tool which helps customize your vision even further during cataract surgery. The ORA intraoperative aberrometry system provides real-time analysis of your eye during surgery. Before ORA, there were no available tools like this. Prior to cataract surgery, other measurements are taken to ensure proper IOL or intraocular lens power selection but there was always a margin of error when making the proper selection. Surgeons are unable to assess quality of vision during the cataract procedure and would need to wait weeks to determine if the proper IOL selection was made. With this new technology, verification of the proper IOL happens during your surgery!

Dr. Gregory Christiansen, Dr. Robert Cionni, Dr. Alan Crandall, and Dr. Darcy Wolsey, cataract surgeons at The Eye Institute of Utah, now utilize ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) with all premium lens procedures to ensure proper IOL selection – technology that truly customizes your unique vision. With the use of ORA during your cataract surgery, you can ensure your procedure will be optimized and the analysis will provide our surgeons with guided information that will confirm the proper correction for optimal visual outcomes. For patients with astigmatism, those who have had prior LASIK or PRK, or those who are having a multifocal lens implanted, ORA can improve the accuracy to help reduce the need of glasses after your procedure.

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