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Offering 100% more accuracy in the creation of the corneal flap for LASIK procedures, IntraLase® technology uses a blade-free laser instead of a hand-held blade (microkeratome) for the initial step in LASIK. The computer guided laser creates the flap using nothing but painless laser energy, gently sculpting the underlayers of the cornea and allowing one of our experienced LASIK eye surgeons to lift it from the eye without ever having to use a blade. Recent studies comparing the IntraLase® technology with a traditional microkeratome show patients having greater results in vision improvement following surgery.

According to studies conducted for the FDA, the IntraLase® laser achieved a precision in corneal flap creation that is unmatched in any previous technology. It’s also been shown to provide greater long term flap stability.

The IntraLase® laser has been approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Doctors at The Eye Institute use IntraLase® as a standard component of our LASIK treatment program.

Please contact our LASIK eye surgery center for more information on IntraLase® laser vision correction technology.

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