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Part of the reason The Eye Institute enjoys a world-wide reputation as being one of the foremost LASIK and vision correction facilities is owed to the fact that we use only the latest, most state-of-the-art technology available. The following links will provide you with more information on the types of technology we use to give patients the most accurate, precise LASIK treatment possible, as well as quick procedure and recovery times to allow you to enjoy significantly improved vision without the need for glasses and contacts.


The fastest laser technology in existence for use in LASIK eye surgery procedures is available right here at The Eye Institute. The ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q is designed to provide accurate, rapid laser vision correction which diminishes procedure time and can result in an even better quality of vision than some other LASIK technologies.

Learn more about ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q.


Intralase® is also known as “blade-free” LASIK, capable of using laser energy to create the corneal flap instead of the traditional microkeratome. The technology is a standard part of our LASIK eye surgeries here at The Eye Institute, and goes a long way in terms of putting patients at ease.

Learn more about Intralase®.

ORA – Optiwave Refractive Analysis

ORA technology is another revolutionary innovation in the field of cataract surgery. With Optiwave Refractive Analysis, our cataract surgeon can evaluate the quality of your intraocular lens immediately, without having to wait several weeks to determine if the proper IOL was selected. This can improve the chances that you will have the best possible vision after surgery and reduce the need for corrective eyewear.

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