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LASIK Testimonials

Alicia, UT

I have thoroughly enjoyed being independent of needing either contacts or glasses. I was extremely nearsighted and I am now able to swim, camp and be outside on a windy day without worrying about my contact lenses. I love being able to wake up in the morning and see clearly. I no longer have to worry about my young son grabbing my glasses or knocking a contact lens out or out of place. After 23 years of needing glasses/contacts, I have noticed a huge difference in the things I am able to do and can enjoy many things much more than I have before.”

Cary, UT

I could not pass up the opportunity to thank you for the life-changing Wavefront eye surgery you performed for me almost one month ago. I am so very thankful for my newfound vision and could never find the words to truly express how much I appreciate all you and your staff have done in making it possible for me to now see! Your steady hand and precision work are truly gifts from the Lord! I am just so very grateful to you for doing everything within your power to ensure a successful outcome during my surgery. I am so very pleased I decided to undergo LASIK eye surgery at The Eye Institute of Utah and that you were my surgeon.”

Misty, WY

Everything was amazing! I showed up an hour and a half early and they took me right in. It was fast and easy. I am so happy! My vision is fantastic. Recovery went very well and everyday when I wake up, I find another reason to be glad I chose LASIK.”

Tiffani, ID

I felt that the Eye Institute of Utah provided a great service which involved professionalism. I would also like to include that the entire staff was more than helpful and very courteous. I was very impressed. I am very grateful that I chose to go to your facility for my surgery. Once again, I would like to thank each individual that assisted me in my procedure. I would recommend anyone to go to the Eye Institute of Utah if they are looking to have a surgery concerning their eyes!”

Michelle, UT

I was treated very well and kept very comfortable and was greeted and taken care of during my entire process. The staff and doctor at the Eye Institute of Utah were very friendly.”

Derrick, UT

I felt like I was treated very nice. The entire LASIK experience was great. It was not as hard as I had anticipated and the results are amazing.”

Virginia, UT

Everyone made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I could not have asked for better care. The staff and Dr. Cionni are very caring people and made me feel they really care about their patients.”

Branden, WY

As a college student that enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, LASIK has greatly improved my quality of life. I no longer have to worry about my contacts or glasses and fumble around for them. I no longer have to spend time removing or putting in my contacts and cleaning them. I don’t have to go to the extra expense of purchasing solution every few weeks. Overall, my experience with the Eye Institute was great! All of the staff was friendly and professional and they made sure that I was comfortable. I strongly feel that the Eye Institute of Utah is among the best. I would not trust my eyes to anyone else. My vision is awesome, it’s crisp and clear. Thank You!”

G.R., West Jordan UT

The procedure was very quick and painless. I had been there about 5 or 6 years ago for an evaluation but I wasn’t a great candidate then. My eyes were always dry and red from my contact lenses so I decided to schedule another consultation with them to see if technology had changed. I was thrilled to find out that I was and excellent candidate now!

I am pleased beyond words with the success of the surgery. I would absolutely recommend The Eye Institute of Utah to anyone!

Cherie, Cortez CO

The biggest improvement-I can see! The staff and doctors were all great and accommodating. A special thanks to Jill- I am so grateful for your kindness!

I am seeing 20/10! I had no pain and was able to drive to Colorado the day after surgery. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! Thank you! Thank you!

Premium Cataract Surgery Testimonials

Mike, Cortez CO

My vision used to be perfect, until I became legally blind from cataracts. Dr. Cionni from the Eye Institute of Utah performed my surgery using the ReSTOR premium iol. The surgery took only 15 minutes per eye- no stitches were used and I experienced no pain. I sat up and could see. Truly, a modern miracle! When I walked outside I was amazed at how green the grass was and how vivid the colors were. My vision was again perfect at all ranges.

If you are considering cataract surgery I would definitely recommend investing in the ReSTOR premium IOL. It may be the most important investment you could make. The doctors and staff at the Eye Institute of Utah were professional and friendly. I have never been so impressed with an organization in any industry.

Gene, Salt Lake City UT

Before my procedure I was having a terrible time seeing clearly. My correction had changed drastically in one eye and the glasses I had to wear were not helping. I could not see my golf ball land, or cards when playing card games. Driving even during day light was difficult, if not dangerous.

Dr. Cionni and The Eye Institute were a god send. They are very friendly, as are the whole staff at the Eye Institute. Everything was explained clearly about the procedure and costs. The actual procedure was just amazing. There was absolutely no pain or discomfort during or after the procedure. Follow up has been excellent.

My eye sight now is better that it has ever been since I was a child. I never remember seeing the individual trees on the mountain side or being able to read so easily. Playing golf and card games are now fun, and going to the movies and watching television are a pleasure.

For anyone who needs cataract surgery I would recommend checking out the premium lens replacement options that are now available.

Anonymous, UT

My friend told me that after his mother had cataract surgery everything looked so much brighter. I said to my friend that I didn’t think that was my problem, but after my cataract surgery I was amazed at the beautiful colors of the world that suddenly appeared. My driving at night is as different as black and white. Before I had the cataract surgery I would get very upset if the lines on the road were wearing off and I couldn’t see well enough to find those dim lines. After cataract surgery, I feel so much safer driving at night now! I am a musician and reading the music was becoming a major task before my surgery-now I can see music very quickly and clearly. Also, as a seamstress the needle has come out of the haystack.

I cannot say enough about the excellent treatment that I received from all the staff at The Eye institute of Utah. All of the personnel were so pleasant, compassionate, and made sure that I was comfortable and coping well with the procedure. The environment, ambiance, and interior design of the institution is very calming and help to ease the anxiety, anxiousness, and apprehension of patients.

I am a very satisfied patient and have already given my recommendation of The Eye Institute of Utah to several potential persons with cataract concerns.

Refractive Lens Exchange Testimonial

Lori, Salt Lake City UT

Prior to my eye surgery I was nearsighted without corrective lens, but became farsighted when the necessary correction was made for nearsightedness. I had tried mono-vision as well as glasses with progressive lens but both had negative effects that I could not get used to. I resorted to using reading glasses when I wore contact lens and removed them to walk or see distance. If I wasn’t wearing contacts I had to wear prescription glasses, but remove them to read or see objects up close.

My initial meeting was with Jill Jones, who was very helpful and friendly. She has been a terrific mentor throughout the whole process! My experience with others employed at The Eye Institute has been wonderful as well!

Jill recommended Refractive Lens Exchange surgery with Dr. Cionni. Dr. Cionni is terrific! He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The Refractive Lens Exchange surgery was quick, with very little discomfort!

I am very satisfied with the overall benefit from having this surgery. No more hassle with contact lens, solutions, prescription glasses and reading glasses!

*Individual Results May Vary
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