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At The Eye Institute of Utah, our mission is to not only provide the best quality eye care, but we strive to connect with our patients on a personal level and provide the best possible customer service from our friendly staff. Keep reading to learn more about the experiences from some of our patients that were frustrated with their vision prior to coming to The Eye Institute of Utah.

Quotes from Our Patients

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being independent of needing either contacts or glasses. I was extremely nearsighted and I am now able to swim, camp and be outside on a windy day without worrying about my contact lenses. I love being able to wake up in the morning and see clearly. I no longer have to worry about my young son grabbing my glasses or knocking a contact lens out or out of place. After 23 years of needing glasses/contacts, I have noticed a huge difference in the things I am able to do and can enjoy many things much more than I have before.”

Alicia, UT

“As a college student that enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities, LASIK has greatly improved my quality of life. I no longer have to worry about my contacts or glasses and fumble around for them. I no longer have to spend time removing or putting in my contacts and cleaning them. I don’t have to go to the extra expense of purchasing solution every few weeks. Overall, my experience with the Eye Institute was great! All of the staff was friendly and professional and they made sure that I was comfortable. I strongly feel that the Eye Institute of Utah is among the best. I would not trust my eyes to anyone else. My vision is awesome, it’s crisp and clear. Thank You!”

Branden, WY

“My vision used to be perfect, until I became legally blind from cataracts. Dr. Cionni from the Eye Institute of Utah performed my surgery using the ReSTOR premium iol. The surgery took only 15 minutes per eye- no stitches were used and I experienced no pain. I sat up and could see. Truly, a modern miracle! When I walked outside I was amazed at how green the grass was and how vivid the colors were. My vision was again perfect at all ranges.

If you are considering cataract surgery I would definitely recommend investing in the ReSTOR premium IOL. It may be the most important investment you could make. The doctors and staff at the Eye Institute of Utah were professional and friendly. I have never been so impressed with an organization in any industry.”

Mike, CO

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