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I can see much better at night now and I am able to see better than I could with glasses or contacts. I can also see details better because my vision is 20/15. I can wear sunglasses without having to put contacts in and I no longer have to worry about my contacts falling out when swimming or participating in sports. I don’t know why I waited so long to have LASIK. I should have done it sooner!
Teresa, UT

The best thing about LASIK is not having to wear contacts or mess with my glasses anymore. When I would go camping with my family before having LASIK it would be a pain because I had to worry about my contacts and glasses. Now, I don’t have to worry or try to remember to pacl them when I go out of town. I don’t have to worry about swimming or taking s shower and I don’t have to worry about falling asleep or taking a nao. Also, my husband does’nt call me M. Magooo anymore! I absolutely love my new vision.
Stefani, WY

It’s so nice not having to wear glasses or contacts, I hated them. I had a prescription of a -5.00, my glasses were pretty thick and I wore them for 30 years. I can see better now than I ever have before. I’m glad I chose The Eye Institute of Utah for my vision correction! Thanks again.
Russel, UT

I am pleased beyond words with the success of the surgery. I would absolutely recommend The Eye Institute of Utah to anyone!
G.R., West Jordan UT


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