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eyedropsDo you suffer from dry eye symptoms such as: redness, burning, light sensitivity or watery eyes? Chronic dry eye disease is very prevalent in Utah’s dry climate, but many people often mistake their symptoms for ocular allergies. A dry eye examination can help determine what treatment options can offer you symptom relief. If you are scheduled for a dry eye examination at The Eye Institute of Utah, please make sure you are properly prepared by following these instructions the night before and morning of your examination.

What to Expect at Your Dry Eye Examination

At The Eye Institute of Utah’s Advanced Dry Eye Clinic, our experienced eye doctors offer a full gamut of diagnostic testing and treatment options, to make sure each patient has the best treatment plan for their unique dry eye needs. Unlike a standard annual eye exam, a dry eye examination is an in-depth and thorough evaluation that specifically focuses on your dry eye condition and the various factors that may cause or contribute to your symptoms. Our trained dry eye team will first have you fill out our Dry Eye Questionnaire so we can learn more about the frequency and severity of your dry eye symptoms. They will also perform of number of state-of-the-art tests to help determine which treatment options may be successful for the specific form of dry eye you have: either aqueous-deficient dry eye, evaporative dry eye, or a combination of both forms.

Advanced Dry Eye Testing

During your exam, there are two important diagnostic tests we will perform to help determine the best treatment options for you. These tests include:

Learn More About Our Advanced Dry Eye Testing

To request information about dry eye and the treatment options available at The Eye Institute of Utah or to schedule a dry eye examination, please contact our office at 800-760-4171.

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