Cataract Surgery Process

This video details the steps of cataract surgery, available at our cataract treatment facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most cases of cataract surgery involve making a small incision in the cornea, followed by removal of the cataract. The natural lens is then replaced with an intraocular lens implant (IOL), which allows light rays to clearly focus on the retina, improving your eyesight. Cataract surgery usually takes about 10-15 minutes or less to complete, and is generally performed under local eyedrop anesthesia. Our cataract surgeons will evaluate your eyes and help you determine which type of artificial lens implant will be the best choice for your needs. Cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants such as ReSTOR®, TECNIS®, or Symfony® IOLs often results in patients no longer requiring corrective eyewear. Monofocal Toric IOLs are also available to correct astigmatism and distance vision, although patients will need to wear glasses for reading.

Cataract surgery patients should arrange for someone to drive them home after the procedure. Our cataract surgeons at The Eye Institute will prescribe eye medication and provide an eyeshield to protect the eye and facilitate the healing process, which typically lasts from three to six weeks. You should notice vision improvement within a few days after surgery.

There are some potential risks and complications involved with cataract surgery, as is the case with any surgical procedure. However, our cataract surgeons are highly experienced and take every precaution to minimize risks. There are also alternatives available to cataract surgery, including increased glasses or contact lenses prescriptions for mild cataract cases. Although this can help in the short term, it is important to remember that cataract is a progressive condition that tends to worsen over time, and eventually, surgery will be necessary to safely eliminate the cataract safely and improve your vision.

Please contact our cataract surgeons in Salt Lake City, Utah for more information, or to schedule an examination.

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