Don't let cataracts lead you away from nature's beauty.See What You've Been Missing

Cataracts are a natural and common part of the aging process and can cause a debilitating and frustrating decline in vision. Have no fear! – Cataract surgery has greatly evolved in recent decades, and is considered one of the most common and successful procedures in medicine. At The Eye Institute of Utah, you have the added comfort of having access to some of the most well-known and respected cataract surgeons in the ophthalmic community – all right here in one location. Dr. Robert Cionni, Dr. Alan Crandall, Dr. Charles Weber, Dr. Darcy Wolsey and Dr. Zachary Zavodni specialize in standard and custom cataract surgery, and are all certified on the most advanced surgical technology and intraocular lens implant (IOL) options available to help our patients obtain the best post-operative vision possible!


Cataracts can affect everyone eventually. It is a condition that is age-related but there are other causes that can lead to the formation of a cataract. Typically a slow, progressive cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens, cataracts cause distorted, blurry, and/or foggy vision, often with a halo or glare effect around lights. Cataract is a serious condition that often starts with mild symptoms, but gradually affects the ability to read, sew, drive and function efficiently. Over time, you can expect that your vision will worsen until the cataract is removed. The Eye Institute employs one of the most experienced cataract surgery teams in Utah and the world and is committed to fight the debilitating effects of cataracts and restore your vision.


Since I had the procedure I’ve noticed that I can read anything. I had gotten used to always looking for my glasses and now I don’t need them. Everything about the facility, staff and the LenSx custom cataract laser procedure was first class.*
Karen, Salt Lake City, UT
*Individual Results May Vary

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