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Is Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

In general, removing a cataract will always lead to improved vision.  Other conditions in the eye can, however, affect the visual outcome with surgery.  In order to determine the proper timing to surgery and have a complete understanding of the potential benefits and outcome, a comprehensive examination is required.  Many people delay having cataract surgery until their vision is impacted to the point of not being able to drive.  If your vision is 20/40 or worse, or if you feel that your vision is prohibiting your ability to perform normal daily tasks, you me be ready to have your cataracts removed.  To find out if Cataract Surgery is right for you, please call 800-760-4171 and ask to schedule an appointment with one cataract surgeons, Dr Robert J. Cionni, Dr. Alan S. Crandall, Dr. Darcy H. Wolsey, or Dr. Charles H. Weber.

For anyone who needs to have cataract surgery I would recommend checking out the premium lens replacement options that are now available
Gene, Salt Lake City UT

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