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Cataracts can affect everyone eventually. It is a condition that is age-related but there are other causes that can lead to the formation of a cataract. Typically a slow, progressive cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens, cataracts cause distorted, blurry, and/or foggy vision, often with a halo or glare effect around lights. Cataract is a serious condition that often starts with mild symptoms, but gradually affects the ability to read, sew, drive and function efficiently. Over time, you can expect that your vision will worsen until the cataract is removed. The Eye Institute employs one of the most experienced cataract surgery teams in Utah and the world and is committed to fight the debilitating effects of cataracts and restore your vision.

The Right Technology in The Right Hands Makes All the Difference™

What is Custom Cataract Laser Surgery?

The Eye Institute is the 1st in Utah to make the LenSx Femtosecond Laser available to you. Until now, standard cataract procedures and custom cataract surgeries were performed manually where the surgeon used a blade for all incisions. A manual procedure allows for a margin of error that can affect outcomes. With the introduction of the first FDA approved custom cataract laser, surgeons at The Eye Institute of Utah now have the ability to create incisions and potentially reduce astigmatism without blades. These incisions are proven to be more accurate and precise2, thus eliminating some of the variables that have complicated cataract surgery in the past. Recent results show that the custom cataract laser is up to 10x more precise1 than manual techniques for some portions of the cataract surgical procedure. This advancement revolutionizes today’s cataract surgery and it’s called Custom Cataract Laser Surgery using the LenSx Femtosecond Laser.


Since I had the procedure I’ve noticed that I can read anything. I had gotten used to always looking for my glasses and now I don’t need them. Everything about the facility, staff and the LenSx custom cataract laser procedure was first class.Karen, Salt Lake City, UT

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Why Choose Us?

  • Over 75,000 cataract procedures performed
  • The First LenSx Custom Cataract Laser in Utah
  • Dr. Cionni was seen in the New York Times as one of the Top Ophthalmologists in the Nation and featured in Forbes as Leading Cataract Surgeon in the Central United States in 20113
  • Pioneered advanced cataract procedures
  • Doctors worldwide refer patients to The Eye Institute of Utah for cataract surgery
  • Lecture and instruct internationally on cataract surgery
  • Some of the best doctors in the country are right here in your backyard
  • Involved in numerous clinical trials that bring advanced technologies to our patients first
  • We explain all options and let the patient decide what’s best. No pressure!

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2. Refractive Surgery 2011: Precision in Vision: The Latest in Cornea- and Lens-Based Refractive Surgery – The Annual Meeting of ISRS (view data)

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