Standing atop a precarious line, heart pounding, and bindings locked, the countdown begins and the next few moments of your life can either be epic or disastrous depending on how you ride the line.  

Salt Lake City adventure athlete Brock Butterfield lives for these moments, he loves the risk and he cherishes the reward. Butterfield has dedicated his life to riding along the edge, taunting the impossible, pushing the limits, and reaping the benefits of living a life that is bigger than one’s personal fears.

An adventurer like Brock depends on his gear, his experience, skills, and most importantly his senses, for without a deep trust there can be no pushing the limits, no exploration, no going beyond and coming back. Every adventure athlete must take calculated risks, it is essential to survival, it is the key element to living one’s dreams and achieving one’s goals.

Between The Lines is the story of Brock Butterfield, an adventurer and athlete that was given the gift of perfect vision. Follow along as we share his story of restored vision and untethered exploration.

The doctors at The Eye Institute of Utah helped me decide between Lasik and PRK, and we decided on PRK based on my eye type and lifestyle. The doctors were awesome and the procedure only took a few minutes, pretty impressive considering it completely restored my vision.


If I was to give advice to any outdoor enthusiast that is considering Lasik or PRK, it would be not to wait. Lasik or PRK will change your life and make you realize just how important it is to have your vision.


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