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LASIK for the New Year

Dr. Wolsey did a TV interview on KSL Studio 5 discussing LASIK for the New Year. Watch Dr. Wolsey talk about how something as simple as not having to deal with contacts or glasses can make your day more enjoyable.

Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway - Surgery Day Part 2

Four mothers receive the gift of sight for Mother's Day. Watch Dr. Wolsey discuss the LASIK procedure and the patient talks about her experience immediately after coming out of surgery.

Refractive Lens Exchange – Treating Diminished Vision (Presbyopia)

In this video from CBS Channel 2 Healthy Living, learn how presbyopia (or diminished vision due to the general aging process) can be treated through the Refractive Lens Exchange procedure. Dr. Robet Cionni explains how this procedure works to achieve vision correction for an entire lifetime.

Appreciating Our Mothers – The Priceless Gift of Lasik Surgery

In this video from CBS Channel 2 KUTV, watch as 4 exceptional mothers are chosen from across the state of Utah to receive free lasik surgery. Watch the video and see how The Eye Institute was able to give back to these four special women on this unique Mother's Day.

Lasik Surgery Alternatives – Implantable Contact Lens (ICL’s)

In this video from CBS Channel 2 New’s Healthy Living segment, learn more about the new breakthrough vision correction procedure for those people who are looking to rid themselves of glasses and contact lenses – but who are not a candidate for lasik surgery. Watch the video, and learn how Dr. Robert Cionni was able to correct Greg’s vision.

Kristen’s Remarkable Gift of Sight

In this video from KLS News Channel 5, watch the incredibly uplifting story of Kristen O’Neil. Born legally blind, Kristen has long been suffering from: extremely small eyes, lack of a retina, a dislocated eye lens & cataracts. Watch the video and find out how Dr. Alan Crandall was able to completely re-build Kristen’s eyes into functionality.

Jason’s Lasik Surgery Story

In this video from Studio 5, meet Jason, an advertising executive who has battled against his lackluster vision for years before deciding to finally consult with Dr. Kevin Merkley. Watch the video and find out how lasik surgery is already enhancing Jason’s life only two days after the surgery.

Gene’s Cataract Surgery Experience

In this video from Studio 5, watch & learn about Gene’s experience with cataract surgery. Dr. Robert Cionni & Gene share the details of Gene’s experience, as well as the breakthrough technology that was utilized to significantly enhance Gene’s lifestyle.

Dr. Wolsey Discusses New Surgery Techniques for improved Near Vision

In this video from KSL Studio 5, watch Dr. Darcy Wolsey's interview discussing how corneal inlay surgery can work to improve near vision problems.

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July 2011 Commerical 10

July 2011 Patient

July 2011

Fox13 Takes a Trip to The Eye Institute and Meets the Lucky Winners of the 2017 Mom's and Dad's LASIK Giveaway

The Eye Institute's Dr. Wolsey Shares the Mom's and Dad's LASIK Giveaway Contest with Fox13's The Place

Two winners from the 2015 Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway are interviewed by Fox 13

Dr. Wolsey interviews with Fox 13 for the 2015 Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway

Fox Business Now interviews Dr. Wolsey for the 2015 Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway Kickoff

Dr. Wolsey starts the new year with a new Studio 5 interview

Dr. Wolsey featured Featured on Studio 5 “Want to Know Her” Series

Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway - Surgery Day Part 2

Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway - Surgery Day Part 1

Dr. Wolsey talks with Fox13 News about the 2014 Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway

Dr. Wolsey and The Mother's Day LASIK Giveaway

Free LASIK Surgery for Moms on Mother’s Day

Fox Channel 13 Interview

LASIK Surgery Alternatives

Visian ICL CBS Channel 2 News

Implantable Contact Lens Surgery

Dr. Wolsey Interview on Studio 5 News

Ultraviolet Light & Precautions for Your Eyes

Healthy Living CBC Channel 2 News

Preventing and Treating Eye-Related Injuries

CBS Channel 2 News

Is Technology Negatively Affecting Our Vision

CBS Channel 2 Healthy Living Segment

Laser Cataract Surgery Technology

Dr. Cionni on Family Matters CBS Channel 2

Lasik Surgery from The Eye Institute of Utah

As you're planning ahead to your flexible spending account for 2014, now might be the year to consider getting Lasik surgery. Dr. Robert Cionni from Eye Institute of Utah shares information on Lasik surgery.

Mothers Day 2016

Fox 13's The Place covers The Eye Institute's 8th Annual Mother's Day Contest and meets the winners!

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