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LASIK Technology

Intralase Blade Free LASIK (IntraLASIK)

The IntraLase method, also known as IntraLASIK,  produces a better quality corneal flap than the microkeratome (hand held thin blade). IntraLase is the laser that creates your corneal flap in the first step of your LASIK procedure. The IntraLase method works by providing rapid pulses of laser light to create a flap in the cornea.

The advantages of having IntraLase create your flap include the assurance and comfort of receiving the latest technology. IntraLase has been performed successfully on thousands of eyes. Clinical studies show that patients who have IntraLase achieve 20/20 vision or better more often that those having the standard LASIK technique. At the Eye Institute, we use IntraLase as the standard of care for LASIK. We believe you deserve the best!

Allegretto Wave Eye Q Excimer Laser System for LASIK and PRK

The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is the latest and greatest technology available used in laser vision correction. The Allegretto Wave Eye-Q is the fastest laser available for LASIK/PRK in the United States. It utilizes a high speed tracking device that monitors even the fastest eye movements.

Compared to other lasers, the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q creates a more natural shape in the cornea and reduces irregularities of the eye. This means a better quality of vision.

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